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USING CHEATSHere you will see how to Activate & Deactivate Cheat Codes.

If You are using 1964 0.8.5, 0.8.4 Or Lower Download The:

Offline 1964 Cheats Help - 0.8.4 - 0.8. 5

If you are using 1964 0.9.9 Or Higher Continue below.

Load the game that you want to use cheats for.

I have used 1080 Snowboarding (JU)  as an Example.

When the game has loaded: Go into Edit & then Cheats this will open the following screen.

All available cheat codes for this Game will show up in Black Text in the Cheats menu, any Codes in grey text are not to be used.

Once you have seen the cheats you want to use, Click on it once to highlight.

To activate the code press the Select button as shown above.

(also always remember to check for note's on cheat usage information)

As shown above, the cheat has now been activated & is displayed in red text.

(you can activate many more cheats by repeating the above Procedure)

Once you have your cheats selected:

Click on the Use Cheat Codes and close button.

Clicking on the Use Cheat Codes will activate the cheats effects in your game.

(You are now ready to play with your chosen cheats)

The same procedure applies for deactivating cheat codes.

So just follow the above procedure,  this time replacing Select with the Unselect button.

If you have more then one or two cheats on,  then you can just press the Unselect All button.

Which will bring you back to the menu with nothing activate.

For information on Enabling & Disabling cheats

click on the Adding Cheats Link.

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