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 CHEATS FAQ1964 Cheats FAQ.
Written By Gent of Emu64 Cheats

This should help you with any questions that you might have about
adding & editing Codes in the Cheat Database.
Maximize this window if you are having trouble viewing it.

The Do's & Don'ts' Of Adding & Editing Cheat Codes.

Q: Why don't the cheats work in 1964 ?
       I ticked what i wanted to use but it does nothing on all games i have tried.
       What can i do to make them work ?

A: Make sure you have the Use Cheat Codes ticked, if not then Tick the Box.

       (see picture below)

       Clicking on the Use Cheat Codes will activate the cheats effects in your game.

       If you would like to leave your cheats  selected but wish the cheats to be inactive

       Just untick the box to stop the cheat codes being active in the game.






Q: Why cant i see any cheats in the Menu, it is Blank ?

A: Well this could be several reasons.

01: The game you are playing has no cheat support at the moment,

      so either follow the links to a site to add yourself some cheats or wait until they are

      support for that game.

02: Make sure that the 1964.cht file is in the main 1964 Root folder .

03: You are using a different Rom Version and Only Good [!]  V1.0 versions are

      supported in the 1964.cht File, so although you see the Cheats in the menu they will

      not work as Your Rom is a v1.1 or v1.2 etc

      All version Roms need Different Version Cheat Code.

      So unless you are using a Only version or V1.0 [!] Version of the Rom,

      the cheats just will not work.

04: Check your Rom with Goodn64 it might be because of the following reason.
      You have a Rom that is a Bad or an Alternative Rom with a different Internal Name

      that  isn't recognised.

You can do 2 things here: to fix this problem:

04A: Check  Paulob's "GoodN64 Bad2Good Patches" 

          you will also need IPSWin 2.0  to Patch the Rom.

  These are available from the superb Downloads > Misc > Tools

   and see if it has your Roms name in there, if it does then patch it to be recognised as

   the Good Rom version leaving you to play on with no problem at all.

04B: You would need to add a cheat into the blank menu and then close 1964.
         Then go into the root folder of 1964 & open the 1964.cht file in a text editor.

  Search for your Games name:
  In your case Super Mario 64 Internal Name = [SUPER MARIO 64]
  so search for [SUPER MARIO 64]

  Once you have found it:

  Copy what you need to a new blank page now copy the Region Rom codes only to it.

  All Countries: ,0=0,
  USA - NTSC : ,1=0,
  Japan - NTSC : ,2=0,
  USA & Japan NTSC: ,3=0, [In other words JU Region]
  Europe - PAL: ,4=0,
  Australia - PAL: ,5=0,
  France - PAL: ,6=0,
  Germany - PAL: ,7=0,

  NumberOfGroups=(Amount of Cheats)
  Cheats Name,1="Cheats Note",0,Code,
  Cheats Name,(Region),Code,

  Now once you delete all the other regions on that new page and are only left with your

  region, you then count the number of cheats you have & put it in the:

  NumberOfGroups=(amount of Cheats)

  you then copy that and then go back to the 1964.cht file and scroll to the very bottom

  where you will see the one you added earlier.
  Paste the one you just copied under the new one and then copy the new internal Name

  onto the one below.

  So it ends up looking like:

  NumberOfGroups=(Amount of Cheats)
  Cheats Name,1="Cheats Note",0,Code,
  Cheats Name,(Region),Code,

  Now delete the one above  leaving this one the only new one added.

  Save As and then say ok/Yes to overwriting the file and then close.

  Happy Cheating!  :w00t:

05: You are probably trying to use this cheat file with a older version of 1964.

      The cheat file higher then v0.8.3 was designed only to work with the 0.8.3 & higher.     


Q: How do i use cheat codes in 1964 ?

A: For a full Visual Explanation on using Cheats click on the Using Cheats link

Q: Where do i find cheat codes  to add myself into the Cheat file ?

A: You can find a list of links by going online to: Emu64cheats & then Cheat Sites.

Q: How do i add cheat codes  in 1964 ?

A: Click on the Adding Cheats  link for a full explanation.
     But please remember that you do not need to add Enable or Keycodes codes.

     These are only used on the real Console Cheat devices,  1964 does not need them.

Q: Can i add or edit  cheat codes in 1964  without opening the cheat file in a text editor ?

A: Yes you can add, edit & delete through the GUI.
     Click the
Adding link for more information on Editing and Deleting

     (it will be on the bottom of the page)

Q: Can i add or edit codes in the 1964.cht file in a text editor ?

A: yes, but 1st: i'd have to say you dont need to, as you can do all this through the GUI

     but if you feel you want to then...    

     Open the Cheat File In Word pad, & search the Name of the Game & Region.

     Example: SUPER MARIO 64
     Once you have, Make sure that you look at how the Cheats are written in the file.

     [SUPER MARIO 64]

     Infinite Energy & Breath,1=0,8133B21E-08FF,
     Infinite Lives,1=0,8033B21D-0064,
     Infinite Energy & Breath,4=0,813094DE-08FF,
     Infinite Lives,4=0,803094DD-0064,

     Infinite Energy & Breath,2=0,81339EAE-08FF,
     Infinite Lives,2=0,80339EAD-0064,

     Also If you would like to write a note to the code like:


     Ostrich Mario,1="Mario runs with his head buried in the ground",0,8033B3BC-0090,

     The note will now be displayed in the cheats menu

     when you click on the chosen cheat code
     it will be displayed on the right hand side along with the code/s & the country code.

  Notice how the codes are written & how the code's are Separated by a -
  like XXXXXXXX-XXXX, & not all in one code XXXXXXXXXXXX,
  (If adding them through the cheat menu though. either way is fine)
  also in case you are wondering, the ,1=0, shows us the Country code (Region) ,1=
  & if you want the code on ready to use the 0, is off & 1, is on.

  The NumberOfGroups=  is the amount of cheats in that  Game.

  Regions most of the time are in the same group unless they have a different Header

  like SUPERMARIO64, Super Mario 64 or SuperMario64 .
  So for each region make sure if writing them through the .cht file using Text Editor
  that you know what the correct code for that region is:

  [All Countries: is the Default Setting],

  but do not use, only use the Code for Country,   & you can not go wrong ;)

  All Countries: 0

  USA - NTSC : 1
  Japan - NTSC : 2
  USA & Japan NTSC: 3 [In other words JU Region] IE: 1080 Snowboarding
  Europe - PAL: 4
  Australia - PAL: 5
  France - PAL: 6
  Germany - PAL: 7

Q: Is there a limit to how many codes i can i put in a game,

     and what would happen if i went over it ?

A: You can put 500 cheats in per game, IE: NumberOfGroups=500.

      (This also includes all regions of that game combined)

     so if there was only U cheats for the game !!

     you could use that entire amount of 500 for that one game.
     If you Had both U & E Region Codes, or even all regions like U,E,A,F, & G

     Codes for the one NumberOfGroups then try to Balance it out

     & do not go over the limit that is set.

  If you were to put more codes in 1964 through a text editor & not change the


  only the last cheats that was in there would show up in the cheat menu.
  But when entered through the Cheats Menu it will Automatically change the


  You can put in 100 codes per cheat.

  IE: All Guns,1=0,xxxxxxxx-xxxx,xxxxxxxx-xxxx, (up to 100) Codes per line.

  There is also no real limit to the notes as long as they are in reason.
  If you was to try to write an Essay in the fields then it will end up truncated

  & send the codes themself messed up.

  so like the above example:

  Ostrich Mario,1="Mario runs with his head buried in the ground",0,8033B3BC-0090,
  you should have no problem adding or even editing your notes,

  just make them informative & to the point.

Q: Can i use Stacked Activators for hacked moves,in No Mercy ?
A: No at this moment in time 1964 does not support these.

Q: I have seen this Cheat code on a site but it starts with a 50, 88, 89, D0, D1, D2 number.
     and what about the ones ending with ?? Can i use this In the 1964 cheat File.
A: Yes you can, in fact there are already many many codes just like it in the cheat file.
      Previous Versions of 1964 never had these capabilities implemented correctly

     and have just been introduced into version 0.8.3 & higher

  How the 50 Codes work will be explained a little further down.

  The 88, & 89 Codes are GS (GameShark)/AR (Action Replay) Button Codes !

  and they are available to use Via the F8 On your Keyboard to use on 1964 for a Quick

  injection code like Press F8 for 99 coins.

  The D0,D1,D2 Codes are Activator Codes !

  & are used to activate the use of a Codes at a push of a button like

  Press L to Levitate, Press R for Full Health Etc.

  As for the Values ending in ?? These are modifier codes & can not be used in 1964.
  Modifier means to change the Value (00??) to change either laps to a race,

  number of Coins, a Play as multiple choices of Characters,

  or even What level to start on.
  But you can always just put in the values you want & name the Cheat

  Play as Neo Conker,1="Do not use this with another Play as Option",0,
  that way you can still use the codes & just warn through a note etc.

Q: Are there any codes that i can not use because they are not supported ?
A: Yes, there are Codes that are not supported & all those codes are listed below.

  Here is a list of codes that are & not supported.

  Supported Codes:   N 6 4 C O D E T Y P E S

  Format Description

  80-XXXXXX 00YY 8-Bit Constant Write
  81-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit Constant Write
  50-00AABB CCCC Serial Repeater
  88-XXXXXX 00YY 8-Bit GS Button Write
  89-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit GS Button Write
  D0-XXXXXX YYYY 8-Bit If Equal To
  D1-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit If Equal To
  D2-XXXXXX YYYY 8-Bit If Not Equal To
  D3-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit If Not Equal To
  A0-XXXXXX 00YY 8-Bit Constant Write (Uncached)
  A1-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit Constant Write (Uncached)

  Un supported Codes:  N 6 4 C O D E T Y P E S

  Format Description

  CC-000000 0000 Disable Expansion Pak
  DD-000000 0000 Disable Expansion Pak
  EE-000000 0000 Disable Expansion Pak

  DE-XXXXXX 0000 Download & Execute
  F0-XXXXXX 00YY 8-Bit Bootup Write Once
  F1-XXXXXX YYYY 16-Bit Bootup Write Once
  FF-XXXXXX 0000 Store Activated Cheat Codes

Q: You said something about Serial repeaters (patch Codes) how do they work ?

A: The 50 numbers = Serial Repeaters (Patch Codes) What they do is patch (compress)

100's of codes down to a small Patched Version.

  example: California Speed Have All Cars,1=0,50001504-0000,800AAE5B-0001,
  50001504 0000,800AAE5B 0001 = 21 Codes:

  Changing by 4 Hex Higher in the last Digit in the Memory

  Each time & the start off point is the 2nd code after the 50 Patch.

  Take a look & count up the 4 Hex jump.
  To help you understand how the numbers in Hex go up

  The Hex Count goes from 0-9, A-F & then 10-19, 1A-1F & so on.
  So where the Decimal count goes from 0-255 Its Hex Equivalent = 00-FF
  so if you can imagine a decimal count of 0-31 the hex Count would be 0-1F

  Dec: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31
  Hex: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, A, B, C, D, E, F,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,1A,1B,1C,1D,1E,1F

  So on and upwards, and that should give you the idea how the Hex Count works.

  So then how do we make this Patch 50001504-0000,800AAE5B-0001,

  Well the 50 patch codes works like this.
  You tell the patch how many codes there are & how much they change from each other.
  Now this is a Serial repeater, Meaning that the main memory Address...

  has the same Value.
  The memory Address being the 3rd to 5th number & the Value the last 4 9th to 12th.
  The 1st to 2nd code is a standard 8 Bit = 80 this also indicates that the value
  will only be the last 2 digits & will only go as high as FF the equivalent of a Dec 255.

  Lets look at the code we are going to see change from:

  800AAE5B-0001 - 800AAEAB-0001,


  You can see by looking at the last Digit of the address,

  that it is going up by 4 Hex on each Code.
  Now all we have to find out is how many codes there are.
  So lets start with a plain 50000000-0000, to begin with until we know how many codes

  and what the increase is.

  Starting from the 1st code we can count it up to 21 codes at a 4 Hex Jump each time.

  We now know that there are 21 codes so we add that in like this.
  How many is 21 in Hex ?
  The guide above tells us that 21 = 15 so we will add that in 50001500-0000,
  Good, now how many does it go up by 4, so we add that in 50001504-0000,

  So now we add that serial Repeater to the 1st code 50001504-0000,800AAE5B-0001,
  & there you go, 21 codes brought down to the number of 2.

  You can also add a long line of Patches that could amount to a huge amount

  but would it look like 10 Codes but you could also have as much as:

  500 codes in one patch.

  A Question of regions.

  As i always say, & really can not stress enough.
  Do not  try to add NTSC (U) (Gameshark) Cheat Codes to PAL (E) Games.
  You will find a link for both PAL (E) & NTSC (U) Region Games

  on The Emu64cheats Website.

  If there is something you are still unsure of that isn't covered in the FAQ
  Then post a question on the 1964 Cheats Message Board On

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