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 Adding Cheats 

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Now before you can add any cheats of your own

you must enable advanced mode.

This is done quite easily by following the pictures below.


Go into Options,  Settings,  & then Options like below.



Untick Hide Advanced Settings & click ok.


You no longer have to load a game just to add a cheat code.

Just highlight the game you want to add to

& then right click on your mouse.

Choose the Edit Cheats Option & click it to get to the Menu.


Or if you want to add while playing a game,

Select System  in PJ64 and from there "Cheats".

Also  you can  press Ctrl C to access the PJ64 cheats Menu


If it is a new cheat to a game  or just adding more to a Existing.

Just right click your mouse to access the add cheats option.


 In the "Name" field add the name of the cheat, 

like "Infinite lives" or "All Levels" or whatever else.

In the "Code" field type the code/s,

Make sure the Code is written like above xxxxxxxx <space> xxxx

& no spaces at the end of the code/s or it will not allow you

to add  as the "Add Cheat" will be Greyed out

once this is all correct  click "Add Cheat".

Now here's something you have been asking for

You can now put up to 100 codes in at a time per cheat.

but that's not all.


You now have the chance to add your own Options "Code Extensions"

you have the choice of 2 Value = ??, 3 & 4

so if your cheat option is 1 = ? at the end

just add another ? & 0 to the value like the example above.

Once you enter a modifier Code (option)

the Value, Label Box will be available for use.

Make sure that the value has a space Value <Space> Label


once you are happy with how you want it, Click Add Cheat.




Ok well that was pretty easy,

You can also add a Normal Or Option code to a "Group"

IE: Infinite\Health\Part 1 & Infinite\Health\Part 2

That will then make a Group Option like the one Shown Below.


& that is all there is too it.

To find out more about the Group & any other Options

Click >> FAQ << Here


:: Adding Cheats ::