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Converting cheat codes

The Gentleman's Cheat Code Conversion Guide


Here you will see & learn how to convert NTSC (U) to  PAL (E) and PAL (E) to  NTSC (U) cheat codes. The Gentleman has simplified & prepared this guide for "you" the "users"  to get the most out of adding & making your own codes  to the cheat file database. You can also Convert codes between versions of a game by following the examples shown below.


Q: What does code converting mean and what does it do ?

A: Code converting means to change the code's structure, so that it will be able to work in a game from another region.


All  you need to convert codes between both regions are:


1) NeToSoft - N64 Cheat Copu Tool

2) A reliable source for NTSC & PAL cheat codes, like the PJ64 or 1964 cheats databases or one of the sites we have links to in

    the link section


3) Some time to read and understand what is explained below.


Step 1:  You need to have a cheat for the (E) and (U) region games, that does the same thing. For example Infinite weapons,

              infinite health or something. The important thing is that it is that the code does exactly the same thing to both regions.

Step 2:  Make sure that the codes you want  to use work, for example by trying them in PJ64 or 1964.


Example Code:

Taken from the PJ64 cheat database.

Legend of Zelda 2, The - Majora's Mask (U) NTSC
Cheat3="Infinite...\Rupees",811ef6aa 03e7


Legend of Zelda 2, Majora's Mask (E) PAL
Cheat0="Infinite\Rupees",811E6B8A 03E7


Step 3:   Open The NeToSoft - N64 Cheat Copu and click on the Offset Option..


Finding The Difference:


NTSC:  811EF6AA 03E7

PAL:     811E6B8A 03E7




Step 4:  Now write in the NTSC Code in the first filed and the PAL Code in the second Field


Step 5:  Click on The Find Dif Button to then show the Offset (Cheat Dif) Between The NTSC and PAL Codes.


And there you have it.


811EF6AA 03E7 - 811E6B8A 03E7 =  8B20


That is the hex difference for converting  (U) cheats to (E) for the game Zelda: Majora's Mask.


That isn't too hard, is it? :)


Note that some games have more than one hex difference.

Also some cheats cannot be converted due to different complications, so try putting a few more Cheats of both Regions/Versions of

the same Cheat and seeing what the Difference between them are.




NTSC:  811EF6AA 03E7 -



Now Convert the (U) to the (E) by Subtracting 8B20 to make sure we get the correct Result.



Step 5:  Load up The N64 Cheat Copu and the write in (U) Region Cheat Code and then write in 8B20 in the Value Field.


Now click on the - (Subtract) Button to then Convert the (U) Region Code to the (E) Region Code.

And as you can see, the code is now 811E6B8A 03E7 which is the Correct cheat code for the (E) Region.

To convert the code back to the (U) Region:

just click on the + button and it will add the (E) Region code back to 811EF6AA 03E7.


Now that we know the hex difference, we can convert other cheats for this Game.

Just add or subtract the hex difference you got using the method above, but remember that some games have more than one hex difference so try putting a few more Cheats of both Regions/Versions of the same Game and seeing what the Difference between them are (you may find that a Game could have more then 4 Differences for Different things like: Life, Health, Have all levels etc.


Good luck and best wishes,

and above all have fun :)