Just a real quick thank you to all who have helped & supported us while trying to set up what we hope to be a growing  help & maintenance of cheats used in great emulators.


To the Authors:  Zilmar, Jabo,  Rice & Schibo

Thank you for letting us get involved in your fantastic projects.



To Smiff:

Thank you for the help & encouragement you have given us.

You do a hell of a job with your NeSC web site & on the message board

please continue that great work & support to all users.


To Martin:

Full respect & a "words can never say enough" thank you.

Your Emulation64 site & message board are the ultimate place's to be.

& the boards & site/s hosting you have done for us [we are not worthy]

God bless you Martin,  you are one in a million.


To all users of Project 64 & 1964 emulators:

we hope you enjoy these fine Emulators & also enjoy our cheat support.

Thank you for your support & feed back through the beta stages.


Thank you all very much