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Friday 1st April 2005

Project64 1.6 Released

Zilmar wrote:

The project 64 team are happy to release project64 1.6. Jabo and I are extremely busy these days but do find time now and then to work on project 64. We are both extremely happy with the stability and compatibility of project64. There have been some small issues that we wanted to fix to give the users a better experience.


You can read the full Post he made Here and also the release on both PJ64 downloads and here on the download page.


Tuesday 14th October 2003

PJ64 Cheats IRC Chan Is Closed:

Due to real life commitments I just don't have the time I used to have.

I can no longer sit on IRC & help in real time like the mad 18 hours a day that I used to do.

I have also found out on my time away from IRC,

when help was needed no one else filled my position to offer the help I used to.

So there is no point keeping the support going, when there will not be any support given.

If you have any problems that are not covered on the Cheat Help Section

or the guides still haven't helped solve your problem.

Then if you a member of Emutalk (if you are not, then become a member)

please make a post on the: Project64 Cheats Message Board

Stating your problems and what guide you have followed and did not help.


Friday 11th June 2003


Service Pack 1 available:

A Message from Smiff: on Emutalk

yes, the long awaited RDB update, phat cheats from Gent, some other stuff,
and a small surprise.

You can read the full thing Here


Friday 18th April 2003


Project64 1.5 .1.3_beta.cht File

Games Added Are:

(J) Region

Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku Gaiden-Legend of Cornell (J)
Buck Bumble (J), Dezaemon 3D (J), Doraemon - Mittsu no Seireiseki (J)
Fighting Cup (J), Perfect Dark (J), ZERO X (J)


(F) Region

Fighter's Destiny (F), Toy Story 2 (F)

(G) Region

Fighter's Destiny (G), Forsaken 64 (G), Toy Story 2 (G), Mission Impossible (G)

(I) Region

Mission Impossible (I)


(S) Region

Mission Impossible (S)


Plus a little more tinkering for better compat, you can find the release Here


Sunday 2nd March 2003


Project64 1.5 .1.2_beta.cht File

Games Added Are:

(J) Region

Aerogauge v1.1 (J),  Choro Q 64 (J),  Dobutsu no Mori (J), Mario Party (J)

Mickey's Speedway USA  (J), Wave Race 64 Shindou Edition (J) (V1.2)

Wetrix (J)


(U) Region

Cruis'n Exotica (U), Castlevania v1.2 (U), Mickey's Speedway USA (U)

Penny Racers (U), Perfect Dark v1.1 (U),  Resident Evil 2 (U)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (U),


(U) Region

Aerofighter's Assault (E), Mario Party 3 (E), Mickey's Speedway USA (E)

Penny Racers (E)


Plus a little more tinkering for better compat, you can find the release Here


Project64 Cheats.chm 2nd March 2003

Just a update for Cheats supported In the Cheats File you can find it Here


Saturday 18th January 2003


Project64_beta.cht Files

have started  being Released

We have decided to release beta Cheat Files as we are adding

and improving support constantly.

We also are very anxious to build towards a full 1.5.1 cheat File Update

as we feel there will not be much to do to it soon.

So once 1.5.1 Cheat File Final is out that will be our last file for quite awhile.

So your feedback will be extremely Welcomed,  you can find the release Here


Project64 Cheats.chm

Has been Released

Introducing the Project64 Cheats.chm


This Cheats Help chm File was designed for:

Users with no internet Connection/or can not stay online long.

We also feel it will help all users for quick access for solutions,

without the need to go online for  a quick FAQ Or what game has cheats.

You can find the release Here


Games With Cheat Support.

A new Section has been added


This Page will show all users what Games, ,Regions and Versions

have cheat Code Support and you can find the Page Here


Thursday 29th August 2002


Project64 1.5

Has been Released


This really is a superb release.

There are loads of  fantastic fixes and Changes to Project64 look and feel.

So make sure you read all the What's new and Readme's.


What else could possibly be new on the cheats front ?

well, infact a lot more since Project64 1.5 beta1.


To name a few would be..............

The ability to add more then one cheat code at a time.

The ability to add Modify Cheat Codes.

The ability to Edit and Delete cheats.

and all this superb stuff through the GUI (Cheats menu)

so no more having to edit the cheats file (Hurrah)

and also an exclusive is that Project64 1.5 is the only Emulator

that supports Stacked Activators.

So........... Go have fun :)


For PJ64 1.5 Release details visit the PJ64 Web Site

just click the pj64 icon above.


Saturday 18th May 2002


Introducing the Project64 1.5 beta1

(Sporting new cheat options and  features of  pure delight)


Unlike any other Version of PJ64,

1.5 beta1 has enabled Activators and Serial repeaters to allow cheats

to be used just as they should be.

Plus with a new Press F9 for the GS/AR  Button  option,

this really is something quite special indeed.


For information on the PJ64 cheats file for either

adding or using cheat codes follow the links on the main menu

and also take time to read the pj64 cheats FAQ


The introduction of these new features have fixed many

problems from the past when using cheats in games.

We are all aware of how the Zelda Press L To Levitate

and many other codes have caused problems in games

when trying to use cheats in PJ64's of the past.

But with the implementation of these in 1.5 beta1 it has put a end to such troubles.


To help your gaming needs further, Smiff's great GameFAQ

has also been added to the Help options short bar and the Windows 2000 Index and Contents Bug has now been cured and is fully usable.


Plus a handy Ctrl C to access the Cheats menu is a added bonus

for quick enabling Or disabling of Cheat Codes when the game has been loaded..


We would like to make clear that Jabo, Zilmar, Or Smiff

have not had much involvement in the production of this Version,

but have tried it, and welcomed it, as a Official Release.

We feel that it is a asset to the legend that is Project64,

and we hope you will all agree.


For PJ64 beta1 Release details visit the PJ64 Web Site

and visit the news page, just click the pj64 icon above.


Have a peek of some of the new great features for cheats below

and we hope you have fun using PJ64 1.5 beta1



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