Cheat Help

 Enable/Disabling Cheats 

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Load the Game you wish to play & then

Select the Options menu in PJ64 and from there "Cheats".

Also  you can  press Ctrl C to access the PJ64 cheats Menu

As shown here in the Below screen shot.


If you find cheats like these shown above

with a + to the left of them  it means it is a Group option.

You must click on that + to Access the contents as shown above.


When you have found the cheat of your choice,

 click  the box on then left hand side of it to Enable that cheat Code.

Also if you come across a code with the Play As,

 Laps to Race with the (=> Sign in it

That is an Option that allows Multiple Choices to that one Code.

To access that choice just double click on the name

& another Menu  screen will pop up as shown  below.


Scroll down until you find what one you want to choose then double click on it

Or Highlight it with clicking once & then click the ok Button.

Then to Activate that cheat, just tick the Box to its left hand side.

To Disable Cheats you just click or un-tick the boxes.

But if you have more then a few of them on & want to disable all Cheats,

 Then click the Unmark All Button & that is all there is to it.

Except to close the cheat menu click the top X on the right hand side.


:: Enabling and Disabling Cheats ::