Cheat help

 Enable/Disabling Cheats 

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  Load the Game you wish to play & then

  Select the Options Menu in Nemu64 and from there Click "Gameshark Cheats"

  and another Menu  screen will pop up as shown  below. 


  Find the cheat that you want to use and region if  applicable

  by using the scroll bar to scroll down to make your selection.


  When you have found the cheat of your choice, click on the cheat name

  to highlight it in grey in the code Box and then click on the Enable Cheat Button

  to Enable the Cheats use for your game.


  This will now display it in the Active Code Names Section. 

  Repeat the process until you have enabled and can see all the cheats listed as active. 


To Disable Cheats you just click the remove Cheats Button,

and you will see it removed from the Active Code Names

  Once you are happy all your cheats are Enabled Or Disabled

  click the Ok Button  to close the cheats Dialog to get on with your game.


:: Nemu64 Enabling & Disabling Cheats ::