Cheat help

 Editing Cheats 

  First If you want to Edit a Cheat Name it can not be done through the GUI.

  You will have to open the Cheats.ini in a Text Editor by double clicking on the file

  and searching for your Cheat Entry like shown below.


  Once you double click on the File, should open in Windows Notepad.

  Once open click on the page of the file once and then go to Edit and then click on  Find.


  Write in the Cheat Name in the Find what Bar.

  On the Direction Section click on the Down Option and then click the Find Next Button.

  The Name may be Case Sensitive so if it can not find it, try using Capitol Letter or not.

  Once it has found the Cheat Entry Name click the Cancel Button to close the Find Dialog.


  Now that you are in the right place use the Scroll Bar to move down until you see the

  Cheat name you want to edit. now you highlight on the Name like shown above.


  Now Write the new Name Or Edit what is wrong and then go to File and Click on Save As.


  The Save As Dialog will pop up and then you just click on the Save Button.

  A warning will then pop up saying "Cheats.ini already exists Do you want to replace it ?"

  Click on the Yes Button to overwrite the file with your changes added.

  You have now Edited the Cheats Name and it will appear the way you want it on the

  Cheats Dialog when you use it next.

:: Click to enlarge ::

  Load the Game you wish to Edit Cheat Codes on & then

  Select the Options Menu in Nemu64 and from there Click "Gameshark Cheats"

  the Cheats Dialog will then pop up as shown  below. 


  Look for the Cheat Name that has the Codes you want to edit.

  Once you see it click on the Cheat Name to Highlight it in grey as shown above.

  This will then display the Codes in the Cheat Code Box.

  Click on the Cheat code to  Highlight it in grey.


  Click on the Edit Cheat Code Button and this will open the Edit Cheat Code Dialog.

  You can now Edit the Address or Value of the code. 


  Once you have Edited what needs to be done Click on the the Ok Button.

  The Cheat Codes Box will now show the edited Code.

  If you need to edit more codes on other cheats just repeat the process.

  Once finished to click the Cheats Dialog Button to close to get on with your game.


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